Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

Adventure Begins!

Alyshër nervously shuffled her cards while she waited for her guests to arrive. Nervousness was something she wasn’t accustomed to, being able to see the future has given her a sense of surety in her actions; but with this plague her visions have become less responsive. She did not know the out come of events to come, this makes her feel something she hasn’t felt in years; fear.
She lifts her cloak over her nose trying to mask the foul stench coming from this place. While this bar wasn’t the nicest looking place it did serve as a good way point to the main task at hand, the propriety was also known for keeping his mouth shut which would come in handy for what she was about to tell her would be companions once they arrive. An hour before the designated meeting time a man walks into the bar, recognizing him as one from her vision she waves him over and kindly asks him to wait while the others show up. Several hours later the rest of the company had arrived, while there were a few missing the bulk of the ones she invited had showed up. Without delay she informs them of the dire situation within the Midlands. While several didn’t see to believe her she was able to convince them to at least hear her out. Their meeting was then interrupted by several of the cartels lackeys. While Alyshër was confident she could talk them down, the gnome Arcwick took it upon himself to start a fight with a rather large fellow. Before she knew it a fight between the two group ensued, their group was easily able to take down the cartel’s lackeys.
From their the group set about making their way to the mansion of Gengis Takayashi, the Divine star had to be there, it was not just chance that her visions would send her here while at the same time an ancient artifact was recovered. The only problem was it is the possession of one of the cartels main leaders. Her fears were unwarranted though. Upon reaching the mansion Mr. Beasley successfully distracted the cards in order for the rest of the group to dispatch them with no problems. Once inside the mansion things weren’t what she expected. The place looked deserted, as if people hadn’t been living her for months but then why were there still guards outside? As we searched the mansion the place continued to show signs of no one living there. Once upstairs we found a hidden room with a small chest filled with copper. Just then the druid; Delgeon warned us of presence coming from the next floor up. We entered what looked like a small study, there hunched over a desk sat a withered old man. Realizing he wasn’t alone the man started scream something alerting the guards outside of intruders. The cleric, Ed then stepped up and shot the elderly man square in the chest. Surprised by his action yet, worried about the fight that was about to ensue Alyshër readied herself for battle. The warrior, Jezzara and Beasley were able to prevent the guards from over taking the room. Within the frantic battle Delgeon drew Alyshër attention to him, he tossed a shining metallic object at her. She caught the object and was immediately filled the most peculiar sensation, it was akin to waking up after a good long rest, but also filled her with sense of purpose of safety, oneness, happiness, it just all around made her feel good. The feeling was so strong it distracted her from the battle for a time. Realizing the battle was still going on she quickly put the item away, the sensation lessened noticeably but was still there to a degree, and aids in defeating the remaining guards. Once the last guard was dispatched the group began searching the room for anything valuable to their cause. The main object of note was the strange book that the old man had been reading. The desk it was on had been covered in lines and small script as if the man had been trying to solve some type of puzzle. When trying the read from the book she immediately started feeling pain in her head. She passed the book on to Arcwick who was able to read a bit more before he to looked like he was in pain. When they gathered what the could and did what they could to help the man the group set out to flee the city. Jezzara was the first to reach the end of the staircase when she was hit suddenly from someone down the step. Two men were waiting for them to come down from the study, these two were different from the guards they didn’t resemble any of the normal guards of the city either. They were able to defeat the two while sustaining several injuries, something wasn’t right though. While her visions were a bit off right now she should have had some type of warning about these two but there was nothing, these two weren’t in any future she has seen.
The group again made to flee the city and was met with no resistance from then on. A day later while the group was settling down to camp for the night Alyshër and Arcwick were trying to make sense of the book but having little success. All of a sudden images filled her sight, a stone archway set on top of a hillock overlooking rolling green hills with glimpse of what looked like a waste land in the distance. She knew this place was some how connected to this book, upon informing the group of what she saw, Beasley mentioned he has seen a stone archway before somewhere in Gendlewynn.



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