Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers


After leaving Indusk our heroes make their way along the road making their way to Gendlewynn. On their travels Gon is getting to know his new friends, asking them all sorts of question and talking about the events of what happened in Indusk. Most of the group seems to have no problem with him besides Arcwick, who doesn’t care for him at all. The heroes have made their way to the border of Queensworn to Volkshield and have set up camp for the night. Beasley begins making fish stew for everyone with Delgeon supervising the herbs Beasley is throwing into the stew. Everyone else is settling down for the night, when the stew is done everyone gets a bowl and begins eating, Gon is lively talking with the group when Alyshër has a visions and tells the group that they are being watched. The next moment a Centaur appears from the forest on the opposite side of the camp. Gon happily jumps up and runs over to the centaur, speaking in Sylvan he says that he is friends with Stargazer Meryn, Ed also moves over to the centaur being captivated by the creature. Jezzara was staring the creature down looking for any signs of a threat. All of a sudden Alyshër shouts for Gon and Ed to run, Gon turns around looking confused then the centaur rears up and hits both Ed and Gon with its hooves, they both fly backwards and are knocked unconscious. In that instant other forms jump from the tree behind our heroes, several saters, two more centaurs and a handful of sprites attack the heroes. Beasley is quick to act and rushes the first centaur and begins to stab it with his knives. Delgeon seeing his forest brethren trying to attack him tries to reason with them, speaking in Sylvan he tries to talk them down or dissuade them from attacking but to no avail. The heroes do their best to try and hold off against the foes but ultimately are overpowered by the surprise attack by usually friendly creatures.
The party is knock unconscious and are being taken away deeper into the woods. Beasley is first to regain consciousness several hours later, however he is unable to understand what is being said by his abductors. Gon awakens a bit later, he is able to pick up that the group is being taken to someone and relays that to the group when he thinks its safe to talk. A few more hours pass when the prisoners being carried are let down then are tied around what they suspect is a tree. Once everyone is tied up the blindfold is removed and the group finds them selves in a small clearing surrounded by the forest folk that took them captive. Several members look around and see three more people tied up to a different tree. Their captors seem to be agitated by a drow being in their presence and are seen blatantly pointing and gesturing at Jezzara. The forest folk then move aside to let someone pass, in that instant the heroes notice a dryad watching them from her tree. An elf male approaches the group, upon seeing Delgeon the elf recognizes him and proceeds to remind Delgeon that his name is Haemir; Delgeon recalls him and remembers that he is a member of the border patrol from the Weald. Haemir has Delgeon untied and he takes him away from the party to talk with him. There Haemir asks Delgeon what he is doing with these humans and this drow. Delgeon then informs him of what has transpired since his Circle let him leave the Weald to find out what the talking stag wanted. Hearing his tale Haemir tells Delgeon that it is high time that the people of the Weald rise up against the human subjugaters and take back what is theirs. Haemir asks Delgeon to join him in amassing his people into open revolt, he would start by killing the drow and the humans that he has been traveling with. Delgeon tries to reason with Haemir saying that his party has a mission to save the midlands and that he would join Haemir’s rebellion afterwards. Haemir seeing Delgeon’s refusal to join him and him wanting to spare the drow proclaims that his mind has been addled by traveling with the humans, Haemir has Delgeon bound and tied to the tree again with the rest of his party. Haemir then says we’ll start with the drow first, with that Jezzara is taken away, most of the forest folk follow to watch, several moments pass then the group hears Jezzara start to scream in agony. Beasley and Delgeon begin to try to free themselves, Delgeon is able to get free from the tree and makes his way to his weapons, he is spotted by several saters and is attacked. Beasley gets free and while Delgeon is distracting the satiers he sneaks up behind one and flips it over stunning it. Alyshër and Gon get loose and proceed to free Arcwick and the three other captees. Ed is the only one who has not woken up, he must have really gotten hit hard. With one sater taken care of Delgeon is able to get to his weapon and dispatch the last sater attacking him. The group quickly finds and puts on their equipment while also planning their attack. The find out the other captees is two humans brothers Peven and Corth and a Kender named Kelzic. Arcwick is extremely mad at the forest folk for capturing them and want them all dead, Gon is pissed that they are hurting Jezzara. Delgeon and Beasley come up with a quick plan to take out the dryad first with fire then surprise attack the rest from cover by the trees. Kelzic says a quick pray to the god of luck and shiny things, blessing the party. With that the heroes move into position. Beasley sets the dryad’s tree ablaze, Arcwick and Gon step out from around the bend as the tree explodes in fire, the forest folk look up to see what has happened and Delgeon leads the surprise attack jump out from the trees in his wolf form attacking the nearest sater, Alyshër attacks one of the saters from within the trees, Corth rushes the centaur next to Delgeon. The group then sees that Jezzara is sitting in the middle of the clearing, she is sitting on a wooden stump-chair looking thing, a dryad is coming out of the stump over top of her, the dryad is using vines to pierce Jezzara’s flesh and slowly kill her. Beasley then bursts from the trees and rushes the dryad hurting Jezzara. Seeing Jezzara tortured Gon goes into a rage, his eyes change to a yellow-orange and he rushes the dryad but is stopped short by a centaur. Chaos ensues as the forest folk try to orient themselves and attack, a sater is seen bolstering his allies with song, sprites begin attacking Arcwick, the other saters go to attack Delgeon and Corth. Jezzara is still held captrue as Arcwick begins to attack the sprites, he is able to kill one with his hornets but the other are able to stay up and renew their attack on his hurting him greatly. Kelzic and Peven then move into the fray, Kelzic heals Arcwick and Peven begins shooting any forest creature he sees. Seeing, Delgeon halts his attack on the sater and rushes him attacking with tooth and claw. Beasley lands a flurry of blows on the dryad and is about to finish it off when the dryad looks at him with piercing eyes and charms him into protecting her instead. Gon is stuck in combat with the lead centaur, the centaur gets a good hit in nearly breaking Gon’s shoulder but he is able to withstand and answer with a punch into the centaurs stomach. With the dryad distracted Jezzara is able to break free from her wooden bonds, she turns around and punches the dryad with a left then right punch and kills it. Arcwick takes out more sprites with his hornets till there are only two left. Alyshër kills two of the saters with her cards. Corth is overwhelmed by the centaur and is killed. Seeing his brother killed Peven starts firing arrows nonstop at the centaur. With the dryad killed Beasley is free from her hold on him and attacks Haemir. The heroes wear down their opponents till only Haemir, a centaur a few saters and two sprites remain. Beasley hits Haemir with the charred branch he brought with him, after that Delgeon is able to jump up and rip Haemir’s throat out with his teeth. Arcwick kills the last of the sprites, Alyshër, Beasley and Jezzara kill the saters. Gon jumps into the air above the last centaur, he shouts “that was not nice!” then punches the centaur in the center of its skull crushing it. With that the exhausted heroes have defeated their abductors.
Peven rushes over to his fallen brother and is in tears as he holds him, Beasley tries to comfort him the best he can. The group begins to pick the camp clean, Delgeon takes Haemir’s dragon leather armor for his own. The group find some coin and potions in their search. As they are about to leave the camp the group hears a noise behind them, they turn to find the dryad that Beasley had burnt down, she is charred and broken. Before she dies she says, “It was now use saving her, the poison will kill her anyways.” the dryad falls to the ground turning into ash. Just then Jezzara begins to feel tired and dizzy, she falls to the ground and passes out. Delgeon quickly evaluates Jezzara’s symptoms and realizes she is poisoned with Nuru’fuume. He quickly rushes off looking for the plant that is needed to save her before she sleeps forever. He is able to find the Moon Flower with no trouble, upon getting back to the group he takes out his healers kit and makes a cure as quick as he can. The first medicinal smoke he uses on her has no effect, he calms himself and tries again, Jezzara’s eye lids flutter open, she is saved. With this nightmare behind them the heroes find their mounts and make their way out of the forest where they then camp for the night. The next day Peven and Kelzic thank the group for saving them, they are on their way to Indusk, Beasley tells them to make sure they tell the people there that the Heroes of Indusk saved you. With that the group continues on with their journey, with Arcwick and Jezzara no longer liking nature.



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