Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

Goagle It

The Heroes of Indusk, minus Beasley who was busy trying to repair a horseshoe that his Giant Slug mount threw, continue to travel north towards Gendlewynn when they come across a group of 5 Bullywugs at the Shield River bridge. Ed the Cleric spots that the frogmen are up to no good, they were trying to drag a petrified pony onto a crude raft, and the heroes attack the evil Bullywugs. After defeating the frogmen, a halfling merchant is discovered pinned under a nearby slain pony. Ed cures the injured merchant’s wounds and then the halfling tells the group of what happened. The halfling and his fellow merchants stopped to water their ponies at the river when a couple of the ponies became petrified and bullywugs attacked from the river and nearby reeds. The halfling also tells the group that two of the surviving merchants and their ponies have already been loaded on rafts and taken upriver.

Our heroes offer to rescue the merchant’s friends and get on the bullywug raft, with Gon pushing and Delgeon tagging along in Wild Shape – Musky form. The sharp-eyed Cleric, Ed soon spots the source of the petrification attack, several bundles of poisonous Medusa Swamp Flower upstream. Alyshër and Ed remove the hazards and stuff them into their packs before continuing on with Gon propelling the raft foward. A half hour into the voyage, several rafts are spotted on shore and the group goes to investigate. Arcwick is the one to find the path that the bullywugs took into the nearby swamp. Alysher scouts ahead and discovers the bullywug camp, she spots the prisoners who are being tied to poles in the center of the camp while the 8 bullywug captors chant “Goagle”. Alysher stealthy returns to her party and informs the group of her findings. A plan to rescue the halfings is quickly made; Alysher, Delgeon, Jezzara and Ed head off into the swamp to sneak attack the bullywugs from the north and Arcwick and Gon start the attack from the path to draw attention. Shortly after the battle begins four more bullywugs emerge from their huts to join battle and the leader of the frogmen, a bullywug brute wearing armor made of bone and wielding a fearsome looking castle-forged trident and a piece of rowboat as a shield, also emerges from his hut to join the fight. The leader commands several of the frogmen over to a nearby makeshift pen to open its gate, they succeed and a savage-looking swamp frog, whom the group determines that the 10ft diameter beast is the “Goagle” the bullywugs were chanting. It’s a memorable battle; Jezzara was nearly swallowed by Goagle, Gon bashing frogmen to paste, Alysher and Ed were chased around the camp by the leader bullywug, Delgeon’s new Brown Bear wild shape turning frogmen to ribbons, and finally Arcwick’s paradox-inducing mechanical flying penguins (Ray of Frost). Our heroes come out victorious and rescue the halfling merchants and their ponies. They find a barrel full of coinage, 2 basic poisons, and a vial of Medusa Poison. They also recover the leader’s trident, which Jezzara is able to identify as Prong. The merchants reward the heroes with more gold for their rescue. They meet up with Beasley and continue towards Gendlewynn.



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