Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

Spirit Detectives

Our heroes around found traveling on the road towards Eltaragare. While on the road the group encounters a tiefling and a halfing being attacked by monkeys. Ed is able to scare off the monkeys by lighting one on fire. Thus rescued the couple introduce themselves as Ashelessiomeir Pennypockets and Dustorum Pennypockets they are a traveling sales and services group, who are also in need of help repairing their motorbike. Arcwick makes quick work of fixing the broken bike and Ashe and Dust ask to travel with the group assisting in minor services. The group then continues on to Eltaragare there they stay at the Broken Husk inn, Beasley spends time at a brothel with a tiefling and Arcwick is found accompanying him to try and teach the ladies the error of their ways. Delgeon patrols as the city as the rest of the groups sleeps at the inn. The next morning it seems that the city is in high alert, guards can be seeing rushing off and soldiers are leaving the city, making their way South. While the group explores the city they hear a commotion near the mines, they rush off to see what is happening and find that ghosts are flying out of the mine attacking the works. Jezzara is quick into action rushing headlong at the ghosts but realizes that they are freaking scary ghosts and runs away terrified. The heroes are easily able to dispatch the ghosts. Once the ghosts are turned to mist, a dwarf named Rothgar approaches the group informing them that he is in charge of the mine and that the miners accidentally broke down a wall and thats when the ghosts attacked. While informing the group of what happened the group notices that the civilians start kneeling all around them, the group looks up to find the High Lady Namina Eltaire riding towards them wearing a full suit of plate armor.Most of the heroes take a knee in show of respect for the High Lady but Arcwick doesn’t and he is rewarded with a back hand across the face knocking him out. With the gnome taken care of the High Lady asks the group to take care of the disturbance with the mine while she is away from the city, she tells them they can go to her personal wizard, Wizard Gerafin for any assistance they might need. The heroes accept the quest and take a quick rest then tackles the mines asking Rothgar to lead the way. Within the mines the group encounters more ghosts and are easily able to dispatch them. Upon finding the broken wall Beasley enters the evil room to find a slightly glowing ruby set on a stone dais. When getting close to the ruby Beasley’s spirits go haywire, several escape and leave Beasley while Adama, Serafine, Arjorie, Reavem amd Undyne resist the urge to attack the group. Adama is able to inform Beasley he should seal the ruby away in the deepest tombs. Alyshër volunteers to carry the ruby so that it is not near Beasley annoying his spirits.Thus with an idea as to how to stop the ghost attack the group requests Wizard Gerafin’s assistance in opening the Baresh Tombs so as they may seal away the ruby. The group makes their way through the tombs turning all the ghosts they encounter to mist. At the end of the tombs they encounter a Naga’lesh an ancient necromancy that could never be killed but had to be sealed away in order to stop his rein of terror. Naga’lesh puts up a good fight against the heroes using all manner of dark spells to elude and hurt them. In the end Naga’lesh unleashed one last fireball before being turned to mist himself. The group seals Naga’lesh and the ruby back up in his tombs then make their way to Tower Eltaire. There the High Lady rewards the heroes with coin and a magical shortsword and bid them stay in the castle to rest up. After resting the group leaves Eltaragare continuing their journey to Genndewynn.



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