Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

The Star, the Witch and the Alv

Alyshër collects the group after Ed and Jezzara have fallen. She tells the group that the dark bikers are after them and they need to leave immediately without finding Ed and Jezzara. After a time she is able to convince them to leave the city. Upon landing on the main land the group encounters two new companions, Celestielle Silverheart and Kira. Several days of travel later the group find themselves within Gendle, Beasley is familiar with this place and shows everyone around. Spending the night there the next morning Beasley leads the group outside the city to a stone archway that turns into a portal once the group is close enough. They proceed through the portal and find themselves in a strange land. Stone archways circle the area and in the middle is a wooden hut. Outside are two pixie who also go by the name Beasley, the group finds out this is where Beasley grew up and that he was raised by a witch named Mavinna. Upon meeting Mavinna Arcwick presents her with the book, she says she can interpret it but it will take some time, as payment for her help Mavinna asks them to take care of pest that has bothering the pixie Beasley brothers while they were gathering mushrooms. The group is able to down the beast with some effort. On returning to Mavinna she reveals that all the important words have been underlined. It is the groups first clue unto finding the Divine Star. As the group is about to leave Mavinna ask for one other form of payment, she requests that Gon stays behind and aid her with protecting the Beasley brothers. Gon agrees to her request and stay behind.
The rest of the group proceeds through a different archway and finds themselves within a heavily wooded forest. The group believes they are in the Gravoria Forest and they are close to where the clue told them to go. Several days of hard travel through the dense forest leads the group to a mountain area that completely encircles something within. The group makes their way around till they find the front gate. Littering the ground in front of the gate are the skeletons of those they presumed have tried entering it before. Beasley and Arcwick try out a plan where Beasley flies up on top of the gate, upon touching the gate Beasley is blown back by an enormous wave of energy, he is nearly killed by the act but Kira was able to save him just before her passed. Delgeon tries finding a way to open the gate by looking for a hidden mechanism but upon touching the gate he to is hit with an enormous force and is nearly killed in the process. Celestielle then takes the Divine Star and touches it to the gate and it opens. Within is a peaceful grassy area with a crystal blue lake within the middle. Delgeon turns into a fish and swims down to the bottom of the lake there he finds the remnants of a city and an air pocket near the center of the city. He brings the rest of the members down by casting Water Breathing on them. Once within the air pocket the group finds creatures within that see by sound alone. They end up fighting a few before taking refuge in an abandoned house. The creatures are able to find them and Beasley distracts them from the rest of the group by running off, he ends up being too quick for the beasts to catch and he is able to lose them and eventually make his way back to the group who have made their way to the center of the air pocket. There they find stone walls blocking off this area from the rest of the city. Arcwick flies up and attaches Alyshër’s rope and grappling hook to the top. After making it up and unto the other side the group finds a massive stone building. They make their way to the building and within they find that torches are lit and the building looks to be well kept. Symbols line all the walls within. They check several rooms and find an alchemy station, crates with beakers and vials, a library. While they were searching the building one of the doors opens seemingly by itself then a person walks past the threshold. The group doesn’t recognize him as any rac ethay have seen before, he had ears like an elf but they were much larger then normal, his skin was pale with symbols tattooed onto it, his eyes had no pupils but instead were a mix of dark blue and black, he was also slender in build but tall. The man reveals himself to be an Alv, an ancient race that lived long before any other race had come to be. His name was Zaeranth Verase, group is intrigued by him and ask him many questions about why he is here and what has happened to this place. They find out the creatures outside were once Alv and they were turned that way when his people tried creating a second Divine Star to protect them from a race of beast creatures called the Rothkari. Zaeranth was the sole survivor after the second Star wiped out the Rothkari, killed or warped his fellows Alves and sank the city within the lake. The Divine Star itself was shattered into pieces but the only shard he has here is the only thing protecting his people from the water that would crush them. After several days of helping Zaeranth to cure his people the group finds that their spells have some effect on what is wrong with his people but they are unable to restore them completely. The group then thinks of a way that would allow both parties to benefit, they have Zaeranth create a tunnel that will lead his people above the lake which would then allow them to take the star without killing him and his people. With his people safely above the lake Zaernath allows the group to take the Divine Star piece that he has. After having the star piece Arcwick touches it to the book, the book glows for a moment then upon reading it the underlined words have changed. The group has a lead on the next piece of the Divine Star. Before leaving Zaeranth gives of the group several items that he hopes will aid them in their search of the Star.



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