DEAD - Jezzara "The Black Blade"

Former first mate on the ship Northstar



Despite being a full-blooded drow, Jezzara has no recollection of the Underdark, or how she came to be on the surface. Her earliest memory is from when she was a small child, trying to sleep in a sling across Penelope’s back. Penelope was a human slave, and a sort of adopted mother to Jezzara. She can remember squeezing her eyes closed against the glaring sun and pressing her face into Penelope’s back while she worked in the fields.
Jezzara has no memory of her parents and doesn’t know if they live. She has no idea if she was kidnapped or sold into slavery. She tries not to dwell on that fact as, either way, her fate is the same.
Her life changed the day that the owner of the farm complex died. The man had no heirs to take over so the slaves were rounded up and taken to the nearby port town to be shipped back to the slave markets. During their journey across the sea, their ship was attacked by pirates. The crew was killed and the ship and cargo confiscated. The pirate captain, a man by the name of Liam Blackheart and being a former slave himself, did not kill the slaves onboard. He instead gave them a choice, join the crew or get dropped off on the next island they came to, hospitable or not. Jezzara joined the crew. She spent the next 25 years on Captain Blackheart’s crew, eventually becoming first mate and earning the name “The Black Blade” as the captains enforcer.

One night, while walking along the beach, a jug of grog in hand, a bottle washed ashore at her feet. Thinking herself fortuitous, she bent down to pick up the bottle of what she assumed to be more alcohol, only to see that there was a note inside.

Sitting down on the damp sand, she pulled the cork from the bottle and pulled out the note. Scanning the writing, she first snorted in laughter. But as a feeling of deep unease took root as she read further she then slipped the note into her pack and stood to continue her walk, thinking she would look at it again when she was more sober.

Personality Traits – I am always calm no matter the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.

Ideals – Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them.

Bonds – I have a bounty on my head.

Flaws – I can at times be cold and calculating.

Pirate Career

The ship Northstar and her crew terrorized the isles off of the western coast of the Midlands for the better part of 30 years. Jezzara was part of that crew for 25 of them. She has bounties on her head in several of the provinces in that region. When she received her letter in the bottle she was hiding out in the city of Chapter Port, near the Amenti desert.


Darkness Cloak

An ordinary enough looking black cloak that seems to cast the wearer in unnatural shadow.

Allows the wearer to move and fight in the daylight as if they do not have light sensitivity. Does not protect against magical light spells or effects. Does not provide additional concealment bonuses. On a roll of 1 the hood falls down and the wearer is blinded for 1 round.


Dire Wolf Mount – Kal’daka

Found as a puppy by Jezzara when their crew raided a ship carrying various exotic animals. Her heart melted as soon as she laid eyes on him and she instantly decided to keep him, vowing to kill anyone who laid a finger on him.

DEAD - Jezzara "The Black Blade"

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