Hesalethlin (Armor of Restoration)

Armor of Restoration


Plate armor

The armor is given to a person by etching the alchemical symbols onto their flesh. When in combat or when the user desires the tattoos glow and call the armor onto its wearer. The armor itself is covered in alchemical symbols that differ from those etched onto the user.

The armor adds 1d4 to any healing spell the user casts.

Attunement: Healing a certain amount of hit points through healing spells will unlock greater forms or healing that the armor can provide.


The armor is the only such item the Alves have ever created, the armor was given to Zaeranth to aid him in protecting the Divine Star from the Rothkari invaders. Whenever casting a healing spell the alchemical symbols on the armor glows a greenish white and empowers the healing spell.

Hesalethlin (Armor of Restoration)

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