Uler'ithlin ( Blade of Elements)

Elemental Blade

weapon (melee)

+1 weapon

Attunement: User needs to cast number of spells to empower the weapon with their energy.

Once attuned completely Zaeranth reveals that the weapon encompasses the main elements, fire, ice, lightning, and earth. While an elemental effect is active on the weapon the weapon deals an added 1d6 damage with the damage type depending on the element used.

Each element changes the weapon’s form.






The blade was the only weapon the Alves have ever made, it has the power to take on the form that its user desires for its normal form. However the blade can encompass each of the elements and shifts and changes to encompass what that element and what it’s user believes that element embodies.

It was given to Zaeranth to protect the Divine Star from the Rothkari invaders.

Uler'ithlin ( Blade of Elements)

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