Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

The Star, the Witch and the Alv

Alyshër collects the group after Ed and Jezzara have fallen. She tells the group that the dark bikers are after them and they need to leave immediately without finding Ed and Jezzara. After a time she is able to convince them to leave the city. Upon landing on the main land the group encounters two new companions, Celestielle Silverheart and Kira. Several days of travel later the group find themselves within Gendle, Beasley is familiar with this place and shows everyone around. Spending the night there the next morning Beasley leads the group outside the city to a stone archway that turns into a portal once the group is close enough. They proceed through the portal and find themselves in a strange land. Stone archways circle the area and in the middle is a wooden hut. Outside are two pixie who also go by the name Beasley, the group finds out this is where Beasley grew up and that he was raised by a witch named Mavinna. Upon meeting Mavinna Arcwick presents her with the book, she says she can interpret it but it will take some time, as payment for her help Mavinna asks them to take care of pest that has bothering the pixie Beasley brothers while they were gathering mushrooms. The group is able to down the beast with some effort. On returning to Mavinna she reveals that all the important words have been underlined. It is the groups first clue unto finding the Divine Star. As the group is about to leave Mavinna ask for one other form of payment, she requests that Gon stays behind and aid her with protecting the Beasley brothers. Gon agrees to her request and stay behind.
The rest of the group proceeds through a different archway and finds themselves within a heavily wooded forest. The group believes they are in the Gravoria Forest and they are close to where the clue told them to go. Several days of hard travel through the dense forest leads the group to a mountain area that completely encircles something within. The group makes their way around till they find the front gate. Littering the ground in front of the gate are the skeletons of those they presumed have tried entering it before. Beasley and Arcwick try out a plan where Beasley flies up on top of the gate, upon touching the gate Beasley is blown back by an enormous wave of energy, he is nearly killed by the act but Kira was able to save him just before her passed. Delgeon tries finding a way to open the gate by looking for a hidden mechanism but upon touching the gate he to is hit with an enormous force and is nearly killed in the process. Celestielle then takes the Divine Star and touches it to the gate and it opens. Within is a peaceful grassy area with a crystal blue lake within the middle. Delgeon turns into a fish and swims down to the bottom of the lake there he finds the remnants of a city and an air pocket near the center of the city. He brings the rest of the members down by casting Water Breathing on them. Once within the air pocket the group finds creatures within that see by sound alone. They end up fighting a few before taking refuge in an abandoned house. The creatures are able to find them and Beasley distracts them from the rest of the group by running off, he ends up being too quick for the beasts to catch and he is able to lose them and eventually make his way back to the group who have made their way to the center of the air pocket. There they find stone walls blocking off this area from the rest of the city. Arcwick flies up and attaches Alyshër’s rope and grappling hook to the top. After making it up and unto the other side the group finds a massive stone building. They make their way to the building and within they find that torches are lit and the building looks to be well kept. Symbols line all the walls within. They check several rooms and find an alchemy station, crates with beakers and vials, a library. While they were searching the building one of the doors opens seemingly by itself then a person walks past the threshold. The group doesn’t recognize him as any rac ethay have seen before, he had ears like an elf but they were much larger then normal, his skin was pale with symbols tattooed onto it, his eyes had no pupils but instead were a mix of dark blue and black, he was also slender in build but tall. The man reveals himself to be an Alv, an ancient race that lived long before any other race had come to be. His name was Zaeranth Verase, group is intrigued by him and ask him many questions about why he is here and what has happened to this place. They find out the creatures outside were once Alv and they were turned that way when his people tried creating a second Divine Star to protect them from a race of beast creatures called the Rothkari. Zaeranth was the sole survivor after the second Star wiped out the Rothkari, killed or warped his fellows Alves and sank the city within the lake. The Divine Star itself was shattered into pieces but the only shard he has here is the only thing protecting his people from the water that would crush them. After several days of helping Zaeranth to cure his people the group finds that their spells have some effect on what is wrong with his people but they are unable to restore them completely. The group then thinks of a way that would allow both parties to benefit, they have Zaeranth create a tunnel that will lead his people above the lake which would then allow them to take the star without killing him and his people. With his people safely above the lake Zaernath allows the group to take the Divine Star piece that he has. After having the star piece Arcwick touches it to the book, the book glows for a moment then upon reading it the underlined words have changed. The group has a lead on the next piece of the Divine Star. Before leaving Zaeranth gives of the group several items that he hopes will aid them in their search of the Star.

Bad Day at Festival

The group finds themselves in Launalin where a festival is being held gathering all the port cities located on the lake. The heroes proceed to look for information regarding the Divine Star but come up with no leads. Afterwards Arcwick decided to show off his many inventions to the city folk. Alyshër and Gon decide to explore the city on their own. Beasley enters a hand to hand combat tournament, Delgeon enters a general combat tournament and a drunk Jezzara enters a fencing tournament with Ed accompanying her. The tournament goers are easily able to defeat their competition. During her last fight however Jezzara’s hood falls back and it is revealed to the crowd that she is a drow. She is then taken into custody with only Ed known what is going on. While being escorted to her cell Ed decides to attack the guards taking her away. After trying to hold them off for sometime the pair are struck down by the guards.

Spirit Detectives

Our heroes around found traveling on the road towards Eltaragare. While on the road the group encounters a tiefling and a halfing being attacked by monkeys. Ed is able to scare off the monkeys by lighting one on fire. Thus rescued the couple introduce themselves as Ashelessiomeir Pennypockets and Dustorum Pennypockets they are a traveling sales and services group, who are also in need of help repairing their motorbike. Arcwick makes quick work of fixing the broken bike and Ashe and Dust ask to travel with the group assisting in minor services. The group then continues on to Eltaragare there they stay at the Broken Husk inn, Beasley spends time at a brothel with a tiefling and Arcwick is found accompanying him to try and teach the ladies the error of their ways. Delgeon patrols as the city as the rest of the groups sleeps at the inn. The next morning it seems that the city is in high alert, guards can be seeing rushing off and soldiers are leaving the city, making their way South. While the group explores the city they hear a commotion near the mines, they rush off to see what is happening and find that ghosts are flying out of the mine attacking the works. Jezzara is quick into action rushing headlong at the ghosts but realizes that they are freaking scary ghosts and runs away terrified. The heroes are easily able to dispatch the ghosts. Once the ghosts are turned to mist, a dwarf named Rothgar approaches the group informing them that he is in charge of the mine and that the miners accidentally broke down a wall and thats when the ghosts attacked. While informing the group of what happened the group notices that the civilians start kneeling all around them, the group looks up to find the High Lady Namina Eltaire riding towards them wearing a full suit of plate armor.Most of the heroes take a knee in show of respect for the High Lady but Arcwick doesn’t and he is rewarded with a back hand across the face knocking him out. With the gnome taken care of the High Lady asks the group to take care of the disturbance with the mine while she is away from the city, she tells them they can go to her personal wizard, Wizard Gerafin for any assistance they might need. The heroes accept the quest and take a quick rest then tackles the mines asking Rothgar to lead the way. Within the mines the group encounters more ghosts and are easily able to dispatch them. Upon finding the broken wall Beasley enters the evil room to find a slightly glowing ruby set on a stone dais. When getting close to the ruby Beasley’s spirits go haywire, several escape and leave Beasley while Adama, Serafine, Arjorie, Reavem amd Undyne resist the urge to attack the group. Adama is able to inform Beasley he should seal the ruby away in the deepest tombs. Alyshër volunteers to carry the ruby so that it is not near Beasley annoying his spirits.Thus with an idea as to how to stop the ghost attack the group requests Wizard Gerafin’s assistance in opening the Baresh Tombs so as they may seal away the ruby. The group makes their way through the tombs turning all the ghosts they encounter to mist. At the end of the tombs they encounter a Naga’lesh an ancient necromancy that could never be killed but had to be sealed away in order to stop his rein of terror. Naga’lesh puts up a good fight against the heroes using all manner of dark spells to elude and hurt them. In the end Naga’lesh unleashed one last fireball before being turned to mist himself. The group seals Naga’lesh and the ruby back up in his tombs then make their way to Tower Eltaire. There the High Lady rewards the heroes with coin and a magical shortsword and bid them stay in the castle to rest up. After resting the group leaves Eltaragare continuing their journey to Genndewynn.

Goagle It

The Heroes of Indusk, minus Beasley who was busy trying to repair a horseshoe that his Giant Slug mount threw, continue to travel north towards Gendlewynn when they come across a group of 5 Bullywugs at the Shield River bridge. Ed the Cleric spots that the frogmen are up to no good, they were trying to drag a petrified pony onto a crude raft, and the heroes attack the evil Bullywugs. After defeating the frogmen, a halfling merchant is discovered pinned under a nearby slain pony. Ed cures the injured merchant’s wounds and then the halfling tells the group of what happened. The halfling and his fellow merchants stopped to water their ponies at the river when a couple of the ponies became petrified and bullywugs attacked from the river and nearby reeds. The halfling also tells the group that two of the surviving merchants and their ponies have already been loaded on rafts and taken upriver.

Our heroes offer to rescue the merchant’s friends and get on the bullywug raft, with Gon pushing and Delgeon tagging along in Wild Shape – Musky form. The sharp-eyed Cleric, Ed soon spots the source of the petrification attack, several bundles of poisonous Medusa Swamp Flower upstream. Alyshër and Ed remove the hazards and stuff them into their packs before continuing on with Gon propelling the raft foward. A half hour into the voyage, several rafts are spotted on shore and the group goes to investigate. Arcwick is the one to find the path that the bullywugs took into the nearby swamp. Alysher scouts ahead and discovers the bullywug camp, she spots the prisoners who are being tied to poles in the center of the camp while the 8 bullywug captors chant “Goagle”. Alysher stealthy returns to her party and informs the group of her findings. A plan to rescue the halfings is quickly made; Alysher, Delgeon, Jezzara and Ed head off into the swamp to sneak attack the bullywugs from the north and Arcwick and Gon start the attack from the path to draw attention. Shortly after the battle begins four more bullywugs emerge from their huts to join battle and the leader of the frogmen, a bullywug brute wearing armor made of bone and wielding a fearsome looking castle-forged trident and a piece of rowboat as a shield, also emerges from his hut to join the fight. The leader commands several of the frogmen over to a nearby makeshift pen to open its gate, they succeed and a savage-looking swamp frog, whom the group determines that the 10ft diameter beast is the “Goagle” the bullywugs were chanting. It’s a memorable battle; Jezzara was nearly swallowed by Goagle, Gon bashing frogmen to paste, Alysher and Ed were chased around the camp by the leader bullywug, Delgeon’s new Brown Bear wild shape turning frogmen to ribbons, and finally Arcwick’s paradox-inducing mechanical flying penguins (Ray of Frost). Our heroes come out victorious and rescue the halfling merchants and their ponies. They find a barrel full of coinage, 2 basic poisons, and a vial of Medusa Poison. They also recover the leader’s trident, which Jezzara is able to identify as Prong. The merchants reward the heroes with more gold for their rescue. They meet up with Beasley and continue towards Gendlewynn.


After leaving Indusk our heroes make their way along the road making their way to Gendlewynn. On their travels Gon is getting to know his new friends, asking them all sorts of question and talking about the events of what happened in Indusk. Most of the group seems to have no problem with him besides Arcwick, who doesn’t care for him at all. The heroes have made their way to the border of Queensworn to Volkshield and have set up camp for the night. Beasley begins making fish stew for everyone with Delgeon supervising the herbs Beasley is throwing into the stew. Everyone else is settling down for the night, when the stew is done everyone gets a bowl and begins eating, Gon is lively talking with the group when Alyshër has a visions and tells the group that they are being watched. The next moment a Centaur appears from the forest on the opposite side of the camp. Gon happily jumps up and runs over to the centaur, speaking in Sylvan he says that he is friends with Stargazer Meryn, Ed also moves over to the centaur being captivated by the creature. Jezzara was staring the creature down looking for any signs of a threat. All of a sudden Alyshër shouts for Gon and Ed to run, Gon turns around looking confused then the centaur rears up and hits both Ed and Gon with its hooves, they both fly backwards and are knocked unconscious. In that instant other forms jump from the tree behind our heroes, several saters, two more centaurs and a handful of sprites attack the heroes. Beasley is quick to act and rushes the first centaur and begins to stab it with his knives. Delgeon seeing his forest brethren trying to attack him tries to reason with them, speaking in Sylvan he tries to talk them down or dissuade them from attacking but to no avail. The heroes do their best to try and hold off against the foes but ultimately are overpowered by the surprise attack by usually friendly creatures.
The party is knock unconscious and are being taken away deeper into the woods. Beasley is first to regain consciousness several hours later, however he is unable to understand what is being said by his abductors. Gon awakens a bit later, he is able to pick up that the group is being taken to someone and relays that to the group when he thinks its safe to talk. A few more hours pass when the prisoners being carried are let down then are tied around what they suspect is a tree. Once everyone is tied up the blindfold is removed and the group finds them selves in a small clearing surrounded by the forest folk that took them captive. Several members look around and see three more people tied up to a different tree. Their captors seem to be agitated by a drow being in their presence and are seen blatantly pointing and gesturing at Jezzara. The forest folk then move aside to let someone pass, in that instant the heroes notice a dryad watching them from her tree. An elf male approaches the group, upon seeing Delgeon the elf recognizes him and proceeds to remind Delgeon that his name is Haemir; Delgeon recalls him and remembers that he is a member of the border patrol from the Weald. Haemir has Delgeon untied and he takes him away from the party to talk with him. There Haemir asks Delgeon what he is doing with these humans and this drow. Delgeon then informs him of what has transpired since his Circle let him leave the Weald to find out what the talking stag wanted. Hearing his tale Haemir tells Delgeon that it is high time that the people of the Weald rise up against the human subjugaters and take back what is theirs. Haemir asks Delgeon to join him in amassing his people into open revolt, he would start by killing the drow and the humans that he has been traveling with. Delgeon tries to reason with Haemir saying that his party has a mission to save the midlands and that he would join Haemir’s rebellion afterwards. Haemir seeing Delgeon’s refusal to join him and him wanting to spare the drow proclaims that his mind has been addled by traveling with the humans, Haemir has Delgeon bound and tied to the tree again with the rest of his party. Haemir then says we’ll start with the drow first, with that Jezzara is taken away, most of the forest folk follow to watch, several moments pass then the group hears Jezzara start to scream in agony. Beasley and Delgeon begin to try to free themselves, Delgeon is able to get free from the tree and makes his way to his weapons, he is spotted by several saters and is attacked. Beasley gets free and while Delgeon is distracting the satiers he sneaks up behind one and flips it over stunning it. Alyshër and Gon get loose and proceed to free Arcwick and the three other captees. Ed is the only one who has not woken up, he must have really gotten hit hard. With one sater taken care of Delgeon is able to get to his weapon and dispatch the last sater attacking him. The group quickly finds and puts on their equipment while also planning their attack. The find out the other captees is two humans brothers Peven and Corth and a Kender named Kelzic. Arcwick is extremely mad at the forest folk for capturing them and want them all dead, Gon is pissed that they are hurting Jezzara. Delgeon and Beasley come up with a quick plan to take out the dryad first with fire then surprise attack the rest from cover by the trees. Kelzic says a quick pray to the god of luck and shiny things, blessing the party. With that the heroes move into position. Beasley sets the dryad’s tree ablaze, Arcwick and Gon step out from around the bend as the tree explodes in fire, the forest folk look up to see what has happened and Delgeon leads the surprise attack jump out from the trees in his wolf form attacking the nearest sater, Alyshër attacks one of the saters from within the trees, Corth rushes the centaur next to Delgeon. The group then sees that Jezzara is sitting in the middle of the clearing, she is sitting on a wooden stump-chair looking thing, a dryad is coming out of the stump over top of her, the dryad is using vines to pierce Jezzara’s flesh and slowly kill her. Beasley then bursts from the trees and rushes the dryad hurting Jezzara. Seeing Jezzara tortured Gon goes into a rage, his eyes change to a yellow-orange and he rushes the dryad but is stopped short by a centaur. Chaos ensues as the forest folk try to orient themselves and attack, a sater is seen bolstering his allies with song, sprites begin attacking Arcwick, the other saters go to attack Delgeon and Corth. Jezzara is still held captrue as Arcwick begins to attack the sprites, he is able to kill one with his hornets but the other are able to stay up and renew their attack on his hurting him greatly. Kelzic and Peven then move into the fray, Kelzic heals Arcwick and Peven begins shooting any forest creature he sees. Seeing, Delgeon halts his attack on the sater and rushes him attacking with tooth and claw. Beasley lands a flurry of blows on the dryad and is about to finish it off when the dryad looks at him with piercing eyes and charms him into protecting her instead. Gon is stuck in combat with the lead centaur, the centaur gets a good hit in nearly breaking Gon’s shoulder but he is able to withstand and answer with a punch into the centaurs stomach. With the dryad distracted Jezzara is able to break free from her wooden bonds, she turns around and punches the dryad with a left then right punch and kills it. Arcwick takes out more sprites with his hornets till there are only two left. Alyshër kills two of the saters with her cards. Corth is overwhelmed by the centaur and is killed. Seeing his brother killed Peven starts firing arrows nonstop at the centaur. With the dryad killed Beasley is free from her hold on him and attacks Haemir. The heroes wear down their opponents till only Haemir, a centaur a few saters and two sprites remain. Beasley hits Haemir with the charred branch he brought with him, after that Delgeon is able to jump up and rip Haemir’s throat out with his teeth. Arcwick kills the last of the sprites, Alyshër, Beasley and Jezzara kill the saters. Gon jumps into the air above the last centaur, he shouts “that was not nice!” then punches the centaur in the center of its skull crushing it. With that the exhausted heroes have defeated their abductors.
Peven rushes over to his fallen brother and is in tears as he holds him, Beasley tries to comfort him the best he can. The group begins to pick the camp clean, Delgeon takes Haemir’s dragon leather armor for his own. The group find some coin and potions in their search. As they are about to leave the camp the group hears a noise behind them, they turn to find the dryad that Beasley had burnt down, she is charred and broken. Before she dies she says, “It was now use saving her, the poison will kill her anyways.” the dryad falls to the ground turning into ash. Just then Jezzara begins to feel tired and dizzy, she falls to the ground and passes out. Delgeon quickly evaluates Jezzara’s symptoms and realizes she is poisoned with Nuru’fuume. He quickly rushes off looking for the plant that is needed to save her before she sleeps forever. He is able to find the Moon Flower with no trouble, upon getting back to the group he takes out his healers kit and makes a cure as quick as he can. The first medicinal smoke he uses on her has no effect, he calms himself and tries again, Jezzara’s eye lids flutter open, she is saved. With this nightmare behind them the heroes find their mounts and make their way out of the forest where they then camp for the night. The next day Peven and Kelzic thank the group for saving them, they are on their way to Indusk, Beasley tells them to make sure they tell the people there that the Heroes of Indusk saved you. With that the group continues on with their journey, with Arcwick and Jezzara no longer liking nature.

Orphan and the Lord

Several weeks have passed for the group since the events at Greystone Port. The group has left the Kingdom of Arrowdarr and have entered the Kingdom of Queensworn. Delgeon has taken a short leave from the group to scout the nearby woods. A days travel away from the next village the party encounters a group of people riding motorized bikes along the road, all of the bikers looks to be veteran warriors, one is wearing a blackened robe. Everyone but Arcwick notice that the each of biker gang members is wearing a small black gem on them somewhere; the party allows the bikers to pass, not wanting to take on veteran fighters. Alyshër remarks that she cannot see them in her visions at all, it is as if they don’t exist.
Several hours later the party has gotten closer to to the village. As they got closer they noticed black smoke rising ahead of them, they also started smelling the scent of blood and burnt flesh. Upon arriving at the village it is completely destroyed. Bodies of the dead villagers lay everywhere, each it seems were killed in different ways, some looked to be torn apart by something, others look to be crushed or beaten, more even clawed or had chunks bitten out of them. Houses looked to have been destroyed by some giant being, walls were crushed or broken in, roofs were collapsed, some were burnt down. Ed and Beasley begin to search the nearby bodies and building for any survivors. Jezzara stays with the mounts, Arcwick and Alyshër move deeper into the village to see what they can find. Arcwick notices a body moving off to the right and heads that way. He finds a dead body that seems to be laying on top of another. Arcwick and Sprocket start trying to move the body off of the other one, when Alyshër moves up to assist them. When the body was moved they find a boy that seemed to be unconscious, but jumped in fright when Arcwick began poking him with this Spanglespanner. Alyshër begins trying to calm the boy down while Arcwick fetches the others. Arcwick returns with Ed and Jezzara, once the boy calmed down enough he tells the group that hes not sure what happened to the rest of the village, it was a normal day when all of a sudden people started dying around him and he did the only thing he could and hid. When asked he tells them he did hear loud rumblings noises (motorbikes?) before the attack came. He is not sure who or what did this, it all happened too fast and he hid as soon as he could. Alyshër and Jezzara decide to take the boy with them and see about sending him to an orphanage in the next city, they find out his name is Gon.
Roughly a days travel later the group arrives at the city of Indusk. There the find the entrance to the city open but there are no guards or people around. The magical Plague is felt more powerfully here then any place the group has felt before, Gon remarks that something feels wrong here. Beasley sneaks up and looks in and calls out to some citizens who looked to be upset but hurrying somewhere, the women tell him that everyone is gathered in the town square to witness the execution. Beasley returns and relays the information to the group. The group had mixed feelings about entering the city but Alyshër spoke up and said it was their responsibility to combat this plague and that they should enter and try to do what they can to save it. Before entering, Beasley is seen visibly talking to himself. The party enters and make their way to the village square, there they find all the villagers gathered around a platform where a women is chained to a post being whipped to death. Before the party had time to act Gon had slipped down unnoticed from Alyshër’s mount and rushed the stage tackling the guard that was whipping the women. Alyshër is yelled at for not watching Gon more closely then the group rushes the platform. A battle ensues, Beasley and Jezzara fend off against multiple guards on the platform, Arcwick cunningly incapacitates a guard with an illusion, Ed and Alyshër dispatch guards from on far with bolt and card. Gon wrestles with the guard till he is thrown off and is attacked, before the guard had time to hit Gon, Jezzara runs him through with her rapier. Beasley knocks out several guards, as more guards show up the party gathers on the platform and take them out with ease. When the fight is over Ed does what he can to heal the women, the rest of the group move to talk to the citizens. There they find out that the lord of the city, Lord Craster, was responsible for this. Lord Craster used to be a nice kindly man but all of a sudden he changed and became hateful, taxing his people, placing curfews and letting his guards do what they want. The women was being whipped to death for trying to get help from the High Lord of Queensworn, High Lord Arese. She was captured, called a traitor and then was to be made an example of. The group asks if a group of people on motorbikes had come through the city before Lord Craster changed, the citizens say yes, the gang had passed by and then Lord Craster changed. Seeing what this small group of adventures did the citizen ask the party to help them liberate their city. The party agrees, they take a quick rest as the citizens begin amassing any weapons they can, they then make there way to Lord Craster’s house.
The group accompanied by half the city find themselves face to face with the rest of the city guard at Lord Craster’s house. Alyshër tells Gon to stay behind and wait for them. The guard gives them a warning for them to stop and disperse or they will be killed to which Arcwick answers by killing the man outright. A cry of “For Indusk!” is heard as battle erupts all around. Jezzara and Beasley take point faceing multiple opponents but fending them off as best they can. The group notices as Gon rushes in and tackles another guard. Beasley ends up killing one with the very whip that was used on the women, Jezzara effectively slashes her targets to ribbons. Arcwick tasers his enemies with his spanglespanner, Ed uses his spiritual weapon to break another guard, Alyshër focuses on the enemies on high and uses her cards to dispatch multiple guards. Gon ends up killing his guard with help from Ed and Jezzara. Once the ground guards were taken care of Arcwick rushes into the house there he find Lord Craster and effectively knocks him out with one blow from his ladybugs. The other guards are taken care of and the party rejoices as the city has been saved. The citizens give their saviors what money they could and says they have already sent word to High Lord Arese of what has transpired here. Ed generously gives the church of Pelor which doubles as the orphanage, an offering of money. A celebration is thrown for the heroes of Indusk, drinks and food are on the house as Beasley drinks to his heart’s content.The party gets ready to question Lord Craster, they find him placed in jail. Upon seeing them Lord Craster spouts insults at them saying he is the ruler of this city, that they should let him loose so that he can go back to ruling. Beasley asks if any biker gangs (tentatively Abyssal Angels) have talked to him, Craster has no knowledge of what Beasley is talking about and continues to try and impress upon the group that he is the rightful Lord of the city. Beasley, Arcwick and Delgeon leave the jail room. Alyshër, Jezzara and Gon stay in to question Craster some more. Jezzara attempts to intimidate him by revealing she is a drow, which Craster then shouts for guards to come kill her. Jezzara frustratingly puts up her hood and is about to walk out when Alyshër suggest using the Divine Star setting on him. Upon the Star touching him Alyshër notices a slightly change in his eyes for a moment before he reverts back to his hateful manner. A day passes and the group is ready to take their leave of the city, one of the city’s representatives approaches them and says that a plaque with the heroes names will be put up in the middle of the city so all will know who saved them.

Adventure Begins!

Alyshër nervously shuffled her cards while she waited for her guests to arrive. Nervousness was something she wasn’t accustomed to, being able to see the future has given her a sense of surety in her actions; but with this plague her visions have become less responsive. She did not know the out come of events to come, this makes her feel something she hasn’t felt in years; fear.
She lifts her cloak over her nose trying to mask the foul stench coming from this place. While this bar wasn’t the nicest looking place it did serve as a good way point to the main task at hand, the propriety was also known for keeping his mouth shut which would come in handy for what she was about to tell her would be companions once they arrive. An hour before the designated meeting time a man walks into the bar, recognizing him as one from her vision she waves him over and kindly asks him to wait while the others show up. Several hours later the rest of the company had arrived, while there were a few missing the bulk of the ones she invited had showed up. Without delay she informs them of the dire situation within the Midlands. While several didn’t see to believe her she was able to convince them to at least hear her out. Their meeting was then interrupted by several of the cartels lackeys. While Alyshër was confident she could talk them down, the gnome Arcwick took it upon himself to start a fight with a rather large fellow. Before she knew it a fight between the two group ensued, their group was easily able to take down the cartel’s lackeys.
From their the group set about making their way to the mansion of Gengis Takayashi, the Divine star had to be there, it was not just chance that her visions would send her here while at the same time an ancient artifact was recovered. The only problem was it is the possession of one of the cartels main leaders. Her fears were unwarranted though. Upon reaching the mansion Mr. Beasley successfully distracted the cards in order for the rest of the group to dispatch them with no problems. Once inside the mansion things weren’t what she expected. The place looked deserted, as if people hadn’t been living her for months but then why were there still guards outside? As we searched the mansion the place continued to show signs of no one living there. Once upstairs we found a hidden room with a small chest filled with copper. Just then the druid; Delgeon warned us of presence coming from the next floor up. We entered what looked like a small study, there hunched over a desk sat a withered old man. Realizing he wasn’t alone the man started scream something alerting the guards outside of intruders. The cleric, Ed then stepped up and shot the elderly man square in the chest. Surprised by his action yet, worried about the fight that was about to ensue Alyshër readied herself for battle. The warrior, Jezzara and Beasley were able to prevent the guards from over taking the room. Within the frantic battle Delgeon drew Alyshër attention to him, he tossed a shining metallic object at her. She caught the object and was immediately filled the most peculiar sensation, it was akin to waking up after a good long rest, but also filled her with sense of purpose of safety, oneness, happiness, it just all around made her feel good. The feeling was so strong it distracted her from the battle for a time. Realizing the battle was still going on she quickly put the item away, the sensation lessened noticeably but was still there to a degree, and aids in defeating the remaining guards. Once the last guard was dispatched the group began searching the room for anything valuable to their cause. The main object of note was the strange book that the old man had been reading. The desk it was on had been covered in lines and small script as if the man had been trying to solve some type of puzzle. When trying the read from the book she immediately started feeling pain in her head. She passed the book on to Arcwick who was able to read a bit more before he to looked like he was in pain. When they gathered what the could and did what they could to help the man the group set out to flee the city. Jezzara was the first to reach the end of the staircase when she was hit suddenly from someone down the step. Two men were waiting for them to come down from the study, these two were different from the guards they didn’t resemble any of the normal guards of the city either. They were able to defeat the two while sustaining several injuries, something wasn’t right though. While her visions were a bit off right now she should have had some type of warning about these two but there was nothing, these two weren’t in any future she has seen.
The group again made to flee the city and was met with no resistance from then on. A day later while the group was settling down to camp for the night Alyshër and Arcwick were trying to make sense of the book but having little success. All of a sudden images filled her sight, a stone archway set on top of a hillock overlooking rolling green hills with glimpse of what looked like a waste land in the distance. She knew this place was some how connected to this book, upon informing the group of what she saw, Beasley mentioned he has seen a stone archway before somewhere in Gendlewynn.


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