The Midlands, once a prosperous, peaceful land to live; now the entire country is a place of danger and unrest. Goblins that once ignored the larger cities are attacking at will, giants are coming down from the mountains leaving a path of destruction in their wake, wildlife are uncharacteristically attacking travelers, crops aren’t growing as well as they used to, and the fellow inhabitants of the Midlands are turning cold and hateful towards their neighbors. It seems only a handful of people are actually aware of the evil miasma filling the country side, and trying their best to fix it but none of them know how. It is in this land that an unlikely group of adventurers were collectively sent a summons by an unknown source; while the form of the message was different for each individual, the message it self was all the same:
“Come to the Drowned Man’s Pub in Greystone Port one year hence at dusk. If you choose not to comply misfortune will fall upon you.”
Whether they took the meaning of the message as a threat or a warning, those that received the note felt compelled to heed the message and start making their way to the Drowned Man’s Pub.

Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

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