Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

Bad Day at Festival

The group finds themselves in Launalin where a festival is being held gathering all the port cities located on the lake. The heroes proceed to look for information regarding the Divine Star but come up with no leads. Afterwards Arcwick decided to show off his many inventions to the city folk. Alyshër and Gon decide to explore the city on their own. Beasley enters a hand to hand combat tournament, Delgeon enters a general combat tournament and a drunk Jezzara enters a fencing tournament with Ed accompanying her. The tournament goers are easily able to defeat their competition. During her last fight however Jezzara’s hood falls back and it is revealed to the crowd that she is a drow. She is then taken into custody with only Ed known what is going on. While being escorted to her cell Ed decides to attack the guards taking her away. After trying to hold them off for sometime the pair are struck down by the guards.



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