Mighty Morphin Midlands Rangers

Orphan and the Lord

Several weeks have passed for the group since the events at Greystone Port. The group has left the Kingdom of Arrowdarr and have entered the Kingdom of Queensworn. Delgeon has taken a short leave from the group to scout the nearby woods. A days travel away from the next village the party encounters a group of people riding motorized bikes along the road, all of the bikers looks to be veteran warriors, one is wearing a blackened robe. Everyone but Arcwick notice that the each of biker gang members is wearing a small black gem on them somewhere; the party allows the bikers to pass, not wanting to take on veteran fighters. Alyshër remarks that she cannot see them in her visions at all, it is as if they don’t exist.
Several hours later the party has gotten closer to to the village. As they got closer they noticed black smoke rising ahead of them, they also started smelling the scent of blood and burnt flesh. Upon arriving at the village it is completely destroyed. Bodies of the dead villagers lay everywhere, each it seems were killed in different ways, some looked to be torn apart by something, others look to be crushed or beaten, more even clawed or had chunks bitten out of them. Houses looked to have been destroyed by some giant being, walls were crushed or broken in, roofs were collapsed, some were burnt down. Ed and Beasley begin to search the nearby bodies and building for any survivors. Jezzara stays with the mounts, Arcwick and Alyshër move deeper into the village to see what they can find. Arcwick notices a body moving off to the right and heads that way. He finds a dead body that seems to be laying on top of another. Arcwick and Sprocket start trying to move the body off of the other one, when Alyshër moves up to assist them. When the body was moved they find a boy that seemed to be unconscious, but jumped in fright when Arcwick began poking him with this Spanglespanner. Alyshër begins trying to calm the boy down while Arcwick fetches the others. Arcwick returns with Ed and Jezzara, once the boy calmed down enough he tells the group that hes not sure what happened to the rest of the village, it was a normal day when all of a sudden people started dying around him and he did the only thing he could and hid. When asked he tells them he did hear loud rumblings noises (motorbikes?) before the attack came. He is not sure who or what did this, it all happened too fast and he hid as soon as he could. Alyshër and Jezzara decide to take the boy with them and see about sending him to an orphanage in the next city, they find out his name is Gon.
Roughly a days travel later the group arrives at the city of Indusk. There the find the entrance to the city open but there are no guards or people around. The magical Plague is felt more powerfully here then any place the group has felt before, Gon remarks that something feels wrong here. Beasley sneaks up and looks in and calls out to some citizens who looked to be upset but hurrying somewhere, the women tell him that everyone is gathered in the town square to witness the execution. Beasley returns and relays the information to the group. The group had mixed feelings about entering the city but Alyshër spoke up and said it was their responsibility to combat this plague and that they should enter and try to do what they can to save it. Before entering, Beasley is seen visibly talking to himself. The party enters and make their way to the village square, there they find all the villagers gathered around a platform where a women is chained to a post being whipped to death. Before the party had time to act Gon had slipped down unnoticed from Alyshër’s mount and rushed the stage tackling the guard that was whipping the women. Alyshër is yelled at for not watching Gon more closely then the group rushes the platform. A battle ensues, Beasley and Jezzara fend off against multiple guards on the platform, Arcwick cunningly incapacitates a guard with an illusion, Ed and Alyshër dispatch guards from on far with bolt and card. Gon wrestles with the guard till he is thrown off and is attacked, before the guard had time to hit Gon, Jezzara runs him through with her rapier. Beasley knocks out several guards, as more guards show up the party gathers on the platform and take them out with ease. When the fight is over Ed does what he can to heal the women, the rest of the group move to talk to the citizens. There they find out that the lord of the city, Lord Craster, was responsible for this. Lord Craster used to be a nice kindly man but all of a sudden he changed and became hateful, taxing his people, placing curfews and letting his guards do what they want. The women was being whipped to death for trying to get help from the High Lord of Queensworn, High Lord Arese. She was captured, called a traitor and then was to be made an example of. The group asks if a group of people on motorbikes had come through the city before Lord Craster changed, the citizens say yes, the gang had passed by and then Lord Craster changed. Seeing what this small group of adventures did the citizen ask the party to help them liberate their city. The party agrees, they take a quick rest as the citizens begin amassing any weapons they can, they then make there way to Lord Craster’s house.
The group accompanied by half the city find themselves face to face with the rest of the city guard at Lord Craster’s house. Alyshër tells Gon to stay behind and wait for them. The guard gives them a warning for them to stop and disperse or they will be killed to which Arcwick answers by killing the man outright. A cry of “For Indusk!” is heard as battle erupts all around. Jezzara and Beasley take point faceing multiple opponents but fending them off as best they can. The group notices as Gon rushes in and tackles another guard. Beasley ends up killing one with the very whip that was used on the women, Jezzara effectively slashes her targets to ribbons. Arcwick tasers his enemies with his spanglespanner, Ed uses his spiritual weapon to break another guard, Alyshër focuses on the enemies on high and uses her cards to dispatch multiple guards. Gon ends up killing his guard with help from Ed and Jezzara. Once the ground guards were taken care of Arcwick rushes into the house there he find Lord Craster and effectively knocks him out with one blow from his ladybugs. The other guards are taken care of and the party rejoices as the city has been saved. The citizens give their saviors what money they could and says they have already sent word to High Lord Arese of what has transpired here. Ed generously gives the church of Pelor which doubles as the orphanage, an offering of money. A celebration is thrown for the heroes of Indusk, drinks and food are on the house as Beasley drinks to his heart’s content.The party gets ready to question Lord Craster, they find him placed in jail. Upon seeing them Lord Craster spouts insults at them saying he is the ruler of this city, that they should let him loose so that he can go back to ruling. Beasley asks if any biker gangs (tentatively Abyssal Angels) have talked to him, Craster has no knowledge of what Beasley is talking about and continues to try and impress upon the group that he is the rightful Lord of the city. Beasley, Arcwick and Delgeon leave the jail room. Alyshër, Jezzara and Gon stay in to question Craster some more. Jezzara attempts to intimidate him by revealing she is a drow, which Craster then shouts for guards to come kill her. Jezzara frustratingly puts up her hood and is about to walk out when Alyshër suggest using the Divine Star setting on him. Upon the Star touching him Alyshër notices a slightly change in his eyes for a moment before he reverts back to his hateful manner. A day passes and the group is ready to take their leave of the city, one of the city’s representatives approaches them and says that a plaque with the heroes names will be put up in the middle of the city so all will know who saved them.



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