Alyshër Nocteirm



Alyse grew up in a nomadic group traveling on the outskirts of the Amenti Desert. Her father had left long before she was born, the only person she had in the world was her mother. They survived by the meager handouts their neighbors would give to them and the modest coin her mother made telling people’s fortunes. Unbeknownst to Alyse her mother swindled money from people with “false fortunes”;while Alyse was born with the very gift she thought her mother had. She would constantly have visions of one form or another, most of the time she forgot them the second they finished. While it was a gift the visions were also a curse, she was unable to control them as they berated her even in her dreams. Thinking her mother had the same gift and could control it Alyse wanted to learn how to tell fortunes so as to lessen the visions plaguing her. She also wanted to help her mother make money by learning to tell fortunes as soon as possible. When mother presented her with a deck of tarot cards Alyse was ecstatic, she immediately started studying day-in day-out to master her ability. The cards became her most prized possession she carried them all over and wouldn’t let anyone else touch them. To her relief the visions started to lessen, not because of the fortune telling lessons but because of her unbreakable focus. Eventually she began to control them to a degree, able to have visions of events that pertained to her.
On the winter of her tenth birthday Alyse’s mother became deathly ill. They couldn’t afford the medicine needed to cure her mother. In a last ditch effort mother contacted Alyse’s father to lend them some aid. His reply came the night of her mother’s passing; his letter said, “I’ll help you if you kill the girl”. The innocent little girl died that night. Alyse’s soul was shattered by her mothers passing, her whole world got turned upside down so fast that she became broken. A piece of her soul broke free and was absorbed into the one thing she was holding; her tarot cards. She walked around like an empty husk, a blank slate no emotion, just barely being alive. She was shell shocked back into a semblance of being human when some older kids knocked her down on the street one morning. When she fell her tarot cards were scattered all over the road, the sight of her last remaining item of her mother’s awakened something inside of her. She screamed loud enough for the whole village to hear, all sound was stopped besides for her ear splitting shriek. When she finally stopped, the village was deathly quiet. She opened her eyes to see her cards floating around her. She looked on in a amazement, she reached out and touched one, immediately all the cards combined to stack perfectly in the palm of her hand. That was the day she left the nomadic tribe. She spent the next ten years learning how to utilize her new found power and her old one. She found out that she could manipulate the cards to become as hard and as sharp as steel. She trained with a group of assassin called the Death Throes, they taught her everything she needed to know to be an efficient killing machine. She became one of their more talented assassin within years of joining; she used her visions as an effective means of never being seen on a job, while also using her cards as another means of effective killing, never leaving a weapon behind. After finishing her training with the Death Throes she used her visions to find her real target; her father. Upon finding her father, she found out he was a wealthy noblemen that had money to spare on frivolous nonsense. The man that was her father begged and pleaded for his life, he offered her anything she could possibly want if she spared his life. She responded, “I want my mother back”. He looked at her bewildered; the instant his face showed signs of recognition she cut his throat. On that night she took the name Alyshër Nocteirm.

Several years later, Alyshër has begun to make a name for herself as a fortune teller. While she still did assassin jobs on the side her main focus has been to become a fortune teller to honor her mothers memory. She was beginning to put her past behind her and get on with her life when an unsettling miasma started falling over the Midlands. The feeling of unease was palpable to her. With the miasma came something she didn’t expect, her visions began to falter. The visions became sporadic, sometime they were clear other times they were foggy, or she would just get a glimpse of something, other times a noise, a letter, a word, a phrase; whatever the form they weren’t her normal visions. The visions that were clearest, and came to her every night were of individual people, the people would end up banding together as they looked upon a bright light within the sky that held back the darkness. Alyshër took the night visions as a sign of her destiny and the destiny of the Midlands; she set out to find the people in her visions and bring them together so that they can find that light in the sky and combat the dark forces plaguing the land.

1- Asher Talos, is an assassin in the employ of the Death Throes. He had joined the order relatively the same time as Alyshër. At first their relationship was competitive one always trying to best the other in training but over the years that changed into something more. They had fallen in love with one another but unwillingly broke it off when they realized they wanted different things. Asher wanted to stay an assassin whereas Alyshër wanted to follow in her mother’s foot steps and become a psychic.

2- Nessa Nightshade, Nessa or Nightshade as she likes to be called is the leader of the Death Throes. She has hair black as night, caramel colored skin, her eyes and lips are a bright green. Nightshade took Alyshër in and taught her how to be a proper assassin. Nightshade specializes in poisons, every single one of her kills was from poisoning. She has built up an immunity to all poisons.

3- Draken Quern, a hitman hired to kill Alyshër. He was hired by Alyshër’s step mother, he was to find whom ever killed her husband and kill them. While he has never met Alyshër or even knows what she looks like he has been on her trail for years. His only clue is that she has violet eyes, which he gained from torturing one of the Death Throes’ members. Alyshër knows of his existence through her visions and has been able to stay ahead of him at every turn.

4- Raphyndelowrn Brightland, Raphyndelowrn asks everyone he meets to call him Raff instead. Raff is a paladin in the employ of King Jerric, he was originally tasked with protecting the king but recently he was ordered to find the source of the unease spreading throughout the Midlands and destroy it. While he takes his King’s order to heart he can’t help but get distracted helping everyone he sees along the way. He is traveling with another in service of the King.

5- Sothe Blackpaw, ranger in service of the King tasked with traveling the land with Raff in order to destroy the plague spreading throughout the Midlands. Sothe is a feral werecat that resembles a black panther. While Sothe and Raff are highly capable individuals that have served their King loyally the last five years, they are in fact not so good when it comes to ambiguous tasks. Raff wants to help everyone he sees and Sothe get distracted by the simplest of things. Thus they haven’t made much progress in finding the source of the plague. Sothe and Raff met with Alyshër on the rode when she personally came to them to request they join her in finding and destroying the plague. They refused her offer saying they would find the source themselves and get rid of it in the name of the king. This encounter took place on a hilltop way off in the middle of nowhere while the two were sitting down for lunch. Alyshër left them to their their business, while leaving she heard the werecat say, “Lets go explore that weird rock thing over there next.”

Dire Black Lion
Name: Soot
Large Beast
Armor Class: 12
Hit Points: 13 (2d10 + 2)
Speed 60 ft.
Str 15 (2) Dex 10 (0) Con 12 (+1)
Int 2 (–4) Wis 8 (–1) Cha 6 (–2)
Alignment unaligned
Languages —
Melee Attack—Bite/Swipe: +2 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature).
Hit: 4 (1d4 + 2) slashing damage

Soot has numerous beads/feathers/jewelry adorning his mane, his entire main is braided with different items tied within each braid. His entire body is back except for his maw which is white. His eyes are a bright yellow.

Saddle Bag:
Poisoner’s Kit
Mess Kit
2 x Waterskin
Clothes Common

Alyshër Nocteirm

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