Dustorum Pennypockets


A rather short middle aged halfling. He has dirty blonde hair with some silver hairs sprinkled in, his hair is pulled back into a small ponytail, he is clean shaven. His eyes are his most distinguished feature they are the color of a freshly made gold coin. He wears a dark brown trench coat that has pockets lining the inside carrying any number of items.


Dustorum is a businessman that believes in doing anything to earn money and doing as little as possible to spend that money. He is married to Ashelessiomeir who is co-owner of Ashe and Dust’s Traveling Emporium of Wondrous Items, Trinkets, General Merchandise and Entertainment, Cleaning, Caring and Odd Jobs Services. Also referred to as the A.D.T.E.W.I.T.G.M.E.C.C.O.J.S.

Parted ways in Launalin.

Dustorum Pennypockets

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