Port Frain - Market District

1. Market District

1: Apple’s Cider – A small ‘tavern’ which has fine wines, infused waters and ciders along with a menu of salads and lighter foods. There is nothing deep fried nor is there that much which is cooked served there. Instead they rely on fruits, vegetables, grains and cheeses. Amusingly many of their new customers go there under dares to eat the spinach wrap which everyone is pretty sure has gone a bit off and been that way a while since it’s green and the other wraps aren’t. Yes, it is run by elves. How did you know?

2: Bricklayer
3: Tiny Tinkered Toys – Gnomish toy shop

4: Alchemist
5: Engraver
6: Fletcher
7: Apartment

8: General store – Ol’ Peet runs this place. And if he don’t know you then he’s casually holding his crossbow just under the counter and ready to bring it up the moment someone messes with him or his. While he doesn’t truck with stealin’ he lets normal kids take a piece of candy now and then, and he’ll toss a small sack of old bread crusts at beggar children and tell them to ‘git’ if they come in. These are bought each day from the Smallfoot Bakery on down the road, although he hasn’t gone in the place in years. He stands outside and they do business there much to Mrs Smallfoot’s embarrassment. This is because since a certain ‘soup’ incident he has sworn never to set foot in the bakery again.

9: The Shack – Actually this is a brick building with two openings. One show’s just a normal stick figure while the other shows a stick figure in a skirt. An ‘outhouse’ type facility for those in the area it’s funded by the local merchants so people don’t ask to use their outhouses.
Magic students from various local teachers are threatened to be rented off to clean and repair the place as both cantrip practice and punishment which has actually made the place nice enough that some of the local merchants come to use the facilities rather then their own.
This place is also connected to the local sewer system of course, but this means twice adventurer’s have come up in it from the bottom after getting lost hunting something below. There was a bell system to warn those below of use before that started to attract things, the bars below were reinforced and the bell system was quickly removed after the otyugh incident.

10: Cloth merchant

11: Marmont Park and Trade Square – Also known as the farmer’s and flower’s market although they’ll peddle almost anything there.

12: Clothing shop
13: Well

14: The Smallfoot’s Bakery – Bakery and Eatery. No Soup. Ever.

15: Frain’s Established Ladies (and Gentlemen) of Alternative Trade Incentive Options – Courtesans’ Guild, while they don’t do hardly any local trade except for at Happy Puffin’ Stuff’s they decided to place their guild here. Amusingly this was decided after a binge night of Millhouse’s goods while sitting around Rufas’ place sampling his wares.

16: Potter
17: Jewelry Shop

18: Monument “Pigeon Roost” – Known as the pigeon roost this somewhat humanoid figure has one arm out as if leading a charge or possibly attacking but the stone sword has long since broken off. There is a shield on the figure’s arm and it vaguely looks like they might have been in adventuring gear. It’s probably some long forgotten hero. The statue is held in place on the squarish unmarked pedestal with well rusted metal bands and bolts as they were evidently not made together.
Creepily it almost feels like the statue is watching those in the area although the pigeons don’t seem to care. Also sometimes on nights of the full moon, those with magic within them say they can hear a muffled screaming coming from that area.
Older folk, such as elves say that the statue was of a human adventurer and very well done when it was new. It looked very realistic back then and fetched quite a price from the town to the adventurer-trader who sold it.
[Bane Wittmoore, fighter. Met with a Medusa that was killed by the ranger of the group. Years later the rogue of the group got a wagon and went back to get him and a few other ‘statues’ which he sold as his own art work. William Drenin got a small road named after him for his brilliant artistry.
Later in life he settled down in Brightwater as a cloth trader with an old female adventuring companion. She was a ranger who’d spent most of her gold trying to find a cure for her beloved only to find raiders had stolen his ‘body’. Crushed, she was finally talked into giving up by William and married him.
They lived happily ever after until he was praised for his art by a minor highborn who knew of him from Port Fram. It’s said that madness took his wife over as she had to be hauled off of him after stabbing him repeated with a butter knife in the back while screaming every insult she could think of. Her mind snapped, no one ever learned the truth. ]

19: Millhouse Bakery “The Fry Shop” – Edward Millhouse a half elf runs this place. He does a good trade with local businesses but does better with sailors and has a second shop down on the docks. Also the local guards often can be found sneaking in for an order.
The shop doesn’t do ‘bread-bread’ but makes biscuits, hard tack, and crackers of a number of different kinds. But Millhouse’s most sought after specialty are his fried chips of both noodles, tortilla, eggplant, pickles and potatoes. Along with deep fried balls and rings of dough sweetened with sugar, fried batter in various shapes, he also makes fritters with fruits and other stuffings.
Edward loves to experiment with just what can be deep fried which is why the locals nicknamed the place “the Fry Shop”. But he’s also mastered cinnamon-sugar, sugar, icings, frostings, custards and such. While it’s a small shop without a place for the customer’s to sit down and eat, many of his wares don’t survive the trip from counter to the door.

20: M’s Milk and Cheeses – A small dairy shop, this place does a lot of business.. of those outside of the neighborhood. It’s gone through a number of owners even though it has done fair business but the last ‘two’ owners cause the most fuss. It used to be ’Minotaur’s Milk and Cheeses’ since the owner was a human woman who was cursed into a female minotaur’s form. While she only used cow’s or goat’s milk there was a lot of strange feelings that things weren’t on the up and up.
Annoyed by some very odd orders for her milk from people coming in wearing disguises and not doing any local business she gave the shop over to her husband, Martin and she works behind the scenes with sellers and such. Martin still gets customers asking about getting some Minotaur’s milk straight from the tap. He just smiles and nods then comes out from behind the counter to flip the ‘closed’ sign around, then takes them into the back and beats the living Hell out of them before tossing them out the rear entrance into the mud and dung from the animal pens there. He calmly then watches with a crossbow out as they head on to somewhere else after he tells them ‘Never, ever, come back again, please.’. Martin’s always polite.

21: The Ancient Mystical Ritual Apothecary – 2cps just to enter the place but the ‘creepy’, ‘hunchback’ mage who shuffles around the place puts on a show and kids often pay just to walk in and stare at the strangeness trapped in the jars or in cages. The place is part menagerie of spiders, snakes, mice, rats, slugs, turtles, crayfish, tiny fish, leeches, worms, and bugs.
Anything actually dangerous is kept in the back and has to be asked for or you’re watched as it’s handled. Although it’s actually a very good apothecary most of it’s business comes from people there to explore it’s strangeness, people wanting odd pets and fishermen looking for bait.
[The human mage is actually younger and less odd looking then he looks with the make-up on, and his fake hunchback. Jared likes do illusions best of all and teaches on the side when he can.]

22: Mrs. Taji’s Tea House
23: Leatherworker

24: Amous’ Apples – Actually old Amous’ sons will sell you a large variety of fruits and vegetables. And no it’s not named after them too, and they don’t have the same last names either although the two boys look alike enough to be twins and are basically the same age down to a few days of each other.
Old Amous might actually still be alive, but it seems he decided to leave town around when two different fathers of women from high born houses decided to have a chat with him about setting up a wedding. Amous’ daughter also works there, also with a different last name and older then the boys by a month but she’s from a local lady.
Older men make up much of the shop’s business although they seem to be against eating such fair, but Old Amous used to say the key to his virility was all those fruits and veggies he always ate. They also sell a lot to Apple’s Cider.

25: Deadthings – Meat and butcher’s shop, is run by a very large half-orc, often with a blood splattered apron and a huge meat cleaver in a hand. Some new customers have passed out after seeing this so he’s taken to having three couches in his waiting area.
Local guard also know it’s a false alarm if someone runs to them telling of the mad killer orc in the butcher’s shop that made them pass out and who when they awoke was just inches from their face to scream ‘YOU ’KAY’ with a look that might have been either deep concern or perhaps a homicidal one but a breath that smelled of ancient decay.
This place is somewhat locals only although he does have a slowly growing outside of district business. He works with Martin and Mary from the dairy shop to find wholesalers of cattle who just aren’t giving like they used to or just choice meats in general. He has access to heavily marbleized beef, though most of his business running clients use the back door or have discreet delivers.
It was discussed that he should perhaps change the name. When the new sign, ‘Hacked up Deadthings’ went up they begged him to change it back which confused poor Olaf even more.

26: Blacksmith
27: Numb – Chemist
28: Locksmith

29: Stuffed Stuff – Toy shop, specializing in cloth toys.

30: Ol’ Mrs Brown – A midwife, she has brought a large number of people into this world from the district and beyond. An elven woman she’s always seemed young but has brought a few generations of some families into the world. Her last name is Brownleaves but the locals kept shortening it, generally this was because when it was said it was said urgently and in panic as some woman was screaming and a baby was about to pop out of her.

31: Happy Puffin’ Stuff – An apothecary specializing in exotic ‘tobaccos’ which also sells a number of pipes. Children are not allowed to come in the shop and the place itself often as a smokey haziness to it. Rufas, the halfling owner of the place does a good business there and even as a warehouse in the warehouse district. The warehouse once burnt down much to the great joy of the local food merchants.
Even though Mr. Smallfoot and Rufas are childhood friends, Mr. Smallfoot has repeatedly mentioned burning the warehouse down again. Not out of malice but because they did four times the business that week in food trade for the city.
He has a hookah and pillows to sit upon set up off in a corner of the shop with the special of the day to be tested. Normally this area has two to four ladies of various species who drop in now and then to test things out. Sometimes in less clothes then one would normally find them or anyone else in on the streets. They’re in from the local guild.
The Smallfoot children are forbidden to enter the shop although Rufas was Winslow’s teacher in the ways of the druid. Rufas is all about living better through harmony with nature.

Major Streets
Street 1: Mahogany Street
Street 2: Wyvern Avenue

Minor Streets
Drenin Row
Stone Avenue
South Black Street
Sunset Avenue
Lower Duchess Row
Brown’s Row
Ogre Row

Port Frain - Market District

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